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Seems like someone is in Christmas spirits, as a result of September 22 Ringo Starr’s album “I Wanna Be Santa Claus” (or the Santa Claus album, “I Wanna Be Ringo Starr”) was released on vinyl by Mercury Data. Nuno Galopim is a journalist, radio host, DJ and music critic. As a music touring and development company, Music Community has been supporting Irish musicians, stay events and distributing funds for the past 30 years within the fields of traditional, jazz and classical music.

Their predominant objectives had been to ascertain a protracted-term, regional community and creatively introduce New Music to a wider phase of the population. A former elementary faculty trainer and longtime music teacher, Anna now travels and performs throughout the year.music network

She holds a degree in Worldwide Relations, a Masters in Tradition and Improvement from the Catholic University of Leuven and was admitted to the PhD program in Anthropology at the Institute of Social Sciences of the College of Lisbon. He’s additionally a member of INURA – Worldwide Network for City Research and Motion.music network

The NMN group in Berlin offered creative and organizational assistance to all of the mannequin tasks in Germany and provided them a network of communication and a broad platform of presentation. Phil and Sandra had initially begun pondering the issues related to releasing music that was away from the mainstream, and which subsequently suffered from an absence of media publicity and resulting distribution issues.

Distinctive value in gross sales, leases, customer service and group help has been the hallmark of Backstage Music Network’s Commitment to Excellence since 1985. Not so hard to put artist(s) names below photos, i feel.. You too can overwrite the pictures by importing the music-network-images” folder in your theme folder.music network