Keyboards & MIDI

Presenting (visible arts): Deciphering and sharing creative work. One other occasion occurred in Hawkhurst, Kent (UK), at a Summer season of Love celebration, with acts including two of the members on the original Woodstock, Barry Melton of Nation Joe and the Fish and Robin Williamson of The Unimaginable String Band, plus Santana and Grateful Dead cowl bands.

Although the pageant was remarkably peaceful given the variety of individuals and the conditions involved, there have been two recorded fatalities: one from what was believed to be a heroin overdose, and one other brought about in an accident when a tractor ran over an attendee sleeping in a nearby hayfield.

A whole bunch of 1000’s of artists and iconic brands… thousands and thousands of photographs… billions of merchandise… 14 global manufacturing amenities in 5 totally different nations working 24 hours per day… and the world’s hardest working staff operating the present from Santa Monica, & art

A whole bunch of 1000’s of independent artists and iconic brands… tens of millions of unique products… 14 international manufacturing facilities in 5 completely different countries working 24 hours per day… and the world’s hardest working workers operating the show from Santa Monica, & art

The next items are returnable provided that defective OR unopened or unused: strings, reeds, tubes (amplifier tubes), earbuds, earplugs, recorders, tin whistles, flutophones, “world” wind instruments, harmonicas, uncooked-frame speakers, drumheads, drumsticks, turntable cartridges, fog fluid, clothes/footwear, body jewellery, cleaners, polishes, and polishing cloths.