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Experience the perfect music from world-class musicians in intimate venues throughout Ireland. Along with YouTube Crimson, we’ve got by means of a close collaboration with YouTube, which has licensed us in essentially the most advanced components of YouTube’s Content material ID and Rights Administration, already helped several of our partners with YouTube’s advertisment-free payment function.

Excellence, Inclusion and Intervention in Music will establish a worldwide network of scholars and music educators who, by means of debate, dialogue and analysis practices, will critique the which means of ‘inclusive’ and ‘excellent’ within the area of group music.music network

The selected Community projects have been carried out in the following cities and regions – listed here from north to south: Kiel, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Berlin, Essen, Moers, Dresden, Cologne, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart conurbation, Passau, Augsburg and Freiburg.

Based in 1971 by legendary musician and educator John Langstaff, Revels celebrates cultural traditions from around the globe through staged performances such as Revels RiverSing and The Christmas Revels, seasonal workshop and music-stuffed educational programs for youngsters and lecturers, an award-winning line of recordings and songbooks, and distinctive opportunities for participation by all.music network

For every working group: set-up, state-of-the-art overview, commonplace review and assessment, market monitoring and evaluation, know-how watch and contribution to standards bodies, mannequin definition and/or pointers productions, technical workshop organisation and user group management, technical support in direction of MUSICNETWORK users.music network