What Does Divorce Lawyer Like?

What does a divorce lawyer do? what services does it provide for clients? how much does it cost? and why do you have to use a lawyer to take care of household problems that lead to “divorce”? I am not a legal expert, especially for divorce law, but from a number of oscn court records, I got information that might be useful for those of you who are currently looking for information about this.

Who is Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce lawyers are the same as other lawyers but he focuses more on serving family law issues, which are mostly filled with divorce matters. Examples are: A divorce lawyer must master the divorce law that applies in Indonesia. Especially the divorce law contained in Islamic law that applies to the country concerned because specifically for Muslims the law used to settle divorce matters adopts from the applicable divorce law.

Types of Cases Arising in Divorce

Basically there are not many cases arising from divorce and are usually in the form of:

1. The case of division of assets like this

2. Case of child custody

3. Case of inheritance

4. Divorce cases arising from domestic violence (domestic violence)

5. Testament

The duty of a divorce lawyer in resolving divorce matters usually besides accompanying the client in the trial he also provides a detailed explanation of the applicable law but if the divorce case is accompanied by demands for the price of heritage and or domestic violence the duty of a divorce lawyer will increase because he has to audit and or make legal reports related to domestic violence.

Divorce Fee

Basically a lawyer is a noble profession that cannot be commercialized. There is a code of ethics council that regulates this matter. The following are some signs that should not be violated by a lawyer who works under oath to dedicate himself to the benefit of society such as:

1. It is not allowed to charge rates openly

2. Promising the client will win the case

3. Promoting products that can be promoted

On that basis the lawyer did not set a tariff but generally based on the information I received the rate for using the services of a divorce lawyer ranged from $ 600. What Are the Advantages of Using Divorce Lawyers? If you do not understand family law properly and feel disadvantaged by the value that is not small, I suggest that you contact the lawyer because this involves the meaning of justice that applies to every Indonesian citizen before the law. Many divorce lawyers who are not commercial are willing to help resolve your problem sincerely by providing legal guidance that can ultimately make you understand the case being faced and must be resolved.